Why don’t they like me?

Because you are a threat. You are a threat to darkness. You are a threat to the kingdom. You are God given light and light exposes darkness and they will be exposed with light around. You can see them. You can see the demons in them. You know the lies they tell before they speak them. You know the hurts they try to hide before they project them onto everyone else around to disguise them. Your wisdom supersedes their limited intellect achieved through bought degrees. Your wisdom was given to you by the Spirit of God himself. There are no degrees that could amount to the what you know. And that’s why they don’t like you.

They don’t like you because of how others love you. You bring joy, you bring laughter, you bring happiness. You lift spirits. People feel empowered by your presence. Moods shift when you walk in the room. You’re effortlessly funny and likes moths to light, people are drawn to you. Your energy is infectious. God made you that way. He needed people to be attracted to you because through you people would see and hear Him. You are an agent for Him on the earth and your work and assignment here is grand. So you really can’t be concerned about why they don’t like you. Your only concern is Him and what and who He sends you to.

They don’t like you because they’ve watched you overcome things that would have taken them out and they are envious of your tenacity and strength. They’ve prayed for that strength but never really trusted God enough to bestow it upon Him. In every hurtful situation they’ve encountered, they’ve acted in their own strength and didn’t let up until the vengeance they sought was accomplished. So they consumed themselves with grudges and petty back and forths and getting mad at folks and calling people out and putting folks in their place and so and so forth. But you! You trusted the strength in God, quickly forgave and gave those hurtful things to God. So in that release, he strengthen you. Not only did He strengthen you, but he contended with those who hurt you on your behalf as well. All while you slept. All while you healed. All while you grew. And so you don’t look like you’ve been through.

The years are not showing up on your face. The spirits of those past relationships are not embedded in your wrinkles. Your head is high, your shoulders are squared, your laugh is vibrant, your spirit is alive. Anger doesn’t even stay in you long. It can’t. Your temple is not a place for vengeance, revenge, spitefulness, grudges or get backs. If only they’d truly trust God to fight their battles as you have. But they can’t seem to let things go. They wish they had your ability to do so, but they don’t. So they envy you.

They don’t like you because you are a generational curse breaker and a threat to the things, the behaviors, the snares and the habits that have kept your bloodline bound for so long. You see and do things differently. You are a giver and everyone else around doesn’t understand.

JNicole Speaks

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