The Exchange

There will be times when you’ll have to give up the things you love or the things you like to do in exchange for the things God requires of you or is calling you to do.

That business may not yield the money you’re used to making but you know it’s what God has led and gifted you to do. (Side note: money should never be a primary deciding factor but that’s for another time). You may have to stay up a little longer or decline that extra project at work (which you know would get you promoted) to go back to school & get the degree that would allow you to do what you really want and are called to do.

You might have to temporarily cut some obligations off and some people off. So what if you have to pull back from some of your Sorority and Church obligations for a little while to do what you’ve been called to do

I love to sing and have done so all my life. I told y’all how I was obsessed with Lawrence Welk, right? But also Sonny & Cher, Captain & Teneille, Hee Haw, the JACKSON 5, Donny & Marie Osmond and any other show that would allow me to put on a long dress, stand in front of the tv, tie my jump rope around the base of the table for my microphone and just sing my little heart out. I’d always sang in choirs and loved singing with the Praise Team. But after one of those times my husband left home (I eventually stopped counting or caring), I knew the mental stability of my children was far greater than my desire to have a mic in my hand. I had to walk away temporarily to do what God needed me to do...and that was become fully immersed in raising my children.

I have no idea who they’ll truly become as adults. That’s not my role. (and I surrendered that after laying up in Walter Reed Hospital with an IV of Valium in my But God does and He knew exactly what was required to get them there.

I have to trust that my letting a whole bunch of things go to spend as much time with them as possible somehow plays a part.

I couldn’t go to rehearsal two and three times a week if I was being led to go outside and run while my middle son acted as my trainer (which somehow boosts his confidence and voice). Or if he wanted to give me a topic to debate while his sister judged who had the best argument & won (which has somehow given him a desire for Law school).

I couldn’t go to rehearsal if my daughter wanted to make dance videos & brownies on the very night that rehearsal was scheduled. I couldn’t be at rehearsal when my oldest son wanted to go perform at an open mic night because his need for attention from a father who walked out manifested itself as a desire to be a rapper and to hear people screaming his name.

Nope, I had to miss rehearsal.

What is God prompting you to give up? What is He requiring you to exchange? What is that thing He has given you which could result in you having to miss some things or to let some things, people, routines.....go. What is He calling you to do?

What is the exchange and why are you soo afraid to trust it?

Only when your pain outweighs your fears, will you do something. That’s when you’ll work to change your current situation. That’s when you’ll move.

It’s somewhat like being in a burning house on a cold winter’s night. You know it’s cold outside, could be 15 degrees, but the threat and pain associated with being burned is detrimental. The thought of pain or even losing a life outweighs any threat of freezing to death. You can no longer stay in the house. It would be painful to do so. It’s then that you will want to and seek to do something different.

So you move outside of the house, in the freezing cold, not knowing what will make it through the fire. You may even think I want to run back in and save this picture and grab that birth certificate, but I don’t want to endure the pain. So you remain outside, though fearful, you accept the place where the thought of pain is greater than that of fear.

Sometime the pain of staying in any situation or in remaining stagnant and complacent becomes so great, that you just have to make a move. You know it’s time to do something different.

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