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My Story !

Nicole Jones is a fire starter and creative Kingdom centered Influencer who embodies crazy, supernatural faith in every aspect of her life. Through multiple businesses, dynamic speaking, coaching services and books, Nicole’s down-to-earth yet practical & direct delivery reaches people at their core yielding transformation and healing in everyone she encounters. She has an innate ability to see people where they hurt, unassumingly meet them there and push them to their next level of purpose through empowering dialogue, Southern charm & a great sense of humor.

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Having gone through a few things in life, Nicole understands what is to be stuck, unfulfilled, frustrated and disappointed. As the embodiment of faith, she refused to host her own pity parties and encouraged herself to evolve and grow from every setback. She inspires and empowers others to do the same leveraging spirit & truth to bring transformative healing into the world! In her heart is a desire for everyone to win fueled by love and compassion. She won’t leave you the same. If your desire is for more and you truly want to peel back the layers and uproot to level up, this powerhouse and cheerleader will get you there!

Her motto for life is “If your insides aren’t right, nothing else in your life will be either.”  As an inner work and spiritual architect, Nicole has empowered countless souls through sessions of awareness & accountability resulting in healing, wholeness and love.  One can’t help but evolve in her presence. Her love for God and others is as infectious as her laugh. She is an open book and uses her own truth, transformation, spiritual growth and self-awareness, to empower others to evolve and become the most radiant and highest forms of themselves so they too can impact the world.

Her desire to build people up, coupled with her infectious and incredible level of faith makes the things of God so practical that one can help but believe that they can do and be anything after one conversation with her.